Tricked Out Leather


When some people think about leather fanatics, a hard-core biker with an “I love mom” tattoo on his or her arm may come to mindThose people have likely never seen the creations of Monty and Lanette White (@rockindiamondsleather). 

Based in Oklahoma, these artisans have a knack for carving leather to look impressive on just about anything: shoes, light switches, backpacks, knife blocks, you name it. They will even go so far as to create custom designs by adding in names and brands to the leather. 

The creativity alone is quite breathtaking, but the fact that this husband-and-wife team create all the items by themselves takes things to entirely new heights. 

Next time you’re looking for a unique gift that will make up for all of those other times that you forgot to send a present, check out @rockindiamondleather.

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