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Tru  Ambassador Program 

get busy living or get busy dying

At Tru we are driven by the belief that life is one hell of a short ride. Thankfully its what we do within that finite space of time, that has the power to define how history will tell our story.

At Tru we don't seek out folks for their follower count or photoshopped brow lines, but rather the passionate lives they choose to live. At their core, we believe that each of our ambassadors lives a tru life, carving their "own" paths forward through a lens unique to western lifestyle.

They are each united by their passions for creating cool "stuff", fueled by adventure, family, history, fashion and the outdoors - threaded with a touch (or sometimes a hammer) of pure badass.

They live for dive bars, hunting season, rolling up their sleeves and sunrises on cool mornings. They live a Tru life and they wouldn't have it any other way.

We can't wait for you to learn their stories and what makes them tick.  Be sure you let them know that Tru Western sent you their way.

We are always on the lookout for like minded folks.  If your interested feel free to reach out to Celie Jang at

The Tru Western Family

Meet Our Ambassadors 


JAMES | Utah | Content Creator, Veteran, & Cowboy

 I am a lifestyle photographer and content creator from the western United States. I developed my passion and eye for photography during my 11 year career in Marine Special Operations. I now lead a lifelong pursuit of authenticity and adventure, while working on and building my own family ranch and farm.”

KEHANA | Montana | Photographer

I am self- taught photographer from southern California currently residing in the rural area of Paradise Valley, Montana. My inspiration comes from feeling what the old west might have been like- gun slingin’, off trail ridin’, western headin’, high lonesome & self providing folk. Through the trials and tribulations of being an artist, I have found my passion photographing the western & outdoor world- getting to know real people with exceptional crafts, and telling their unique and captivating stories.

Through my photographic journey, I have committed to building life-long relationships with my subjects, and have remained steadfast when it comes to sharing photos of the countryside, seldom seen by many. My goal is to build a bridge with those in cities to the land and people that provide for them.