The Gateway Farm


If you have ever considered what it would be like to run a farmwe have the perfect gateway for you! And if you DO know a thing about farming, then we have the gateway to some farm humor that would make any dad proud!  

Located in Bristol, VT, Abby and her husband have cultivated their love of farming into a full-time business, including plenty of free-range cattle, chickens, and four adorably rambunctious children. We are guessing with all this wildlife roaming around, she’s a pretty solid wrangler in addition to being a Rockstar Mom. 

I’ve heard throughout my entire life that education is everythingand Abby is here to deliver on some of the more finer points in life! For example, you'll learn all about the proper milking techniques as you watch her milk her fabulous guernsey cow. Fair warning: although the cow is a brownish tint, she doesn’t produce chocolate milk.  

Soif you want to learn something new, or buy some homemade maple syrup, or just live it up with this brilliant family, head on over to @thegatewayfarm! 

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