Rutland Farms


My grandma always told me, “farm to table whenever you’re able!” Sadly, I have not been as good about that lately – sorry Grandma!

But fear not, I have found my next straight from the farm produce stop: The Market at Rutland Farms (@rutlandfarms) in South Georgia. This family-owned, 5th generation farm has been growing its own produce for over century.
Within the farms 2100 acres of fertile farmland, grows over 22 varietals of fruits, veggies and other goodies; beginning with u-pick strawberries in February, followed by peaches, tomatoes and blueberries in the summer, to pumpkins in the fall, and finished off by Christmas trees in December.

While the healthy side of me says, “go buy the fresh fruit,”  my more persuasive side has me eyeing their homemade ice cream! But why settle for one or the other when they will top their ice cream with fruit straight off the farm? It’s the best of both worlds! Grandma would be proud.

Whether you are fond of food or a farm fanatic, Rutland Farms can accommodate.


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