Father's Day Weeked


Father's Day is a cherished chance to spend quality time with dad, stepping away from the daily grind to celebrate the bond shared. Inspired by a video from @thewaltonadventure, one delightful way to mark the occasion is by embarking on a hiking adventure. The video showcases a father and daughter tackling the trails, surrounded by the serenity of nature. This is a great example of why we love our dads—they provide the best experiences and make every adventure possible. Whether navigating a rugged trail or simply enjoying a scenic stroll, the experience of connecting with nature can significantly enhance the Father’s Day celebration.


@thewaltonadventure But will they actually remember that?? Actually, they probably will! Even though your kid might not remember the specific details of a family trip or outing with Dad, they will carry the emotional content of those adventures through life! There are two types of memory: explicit and implicit Explicit memory is when you consciously recall something, like the name of your first school or parents birthday. Implicit memory is when you remember something without consciously thinking about it, like how to ride a bike. This also includes more of an unconscious, emotional recollection. Your 2-year-old remembering you threw rocks in the water on your camping trip? Explicit. The warm, fuzzy feelings when you talk about going camping again? Implicit.  So the next time you look at your preschooler and think, “They’ll never remember this,” you’re right, they probably won’t remember things explicitly. BUT take comfort in the fact that just because they won’t have total recall of these early years, they will remember the important things that make them better people: parents take care of you, and the world is an exciting place to explore. And remember, there are lots of ways to create memories with your kids. I like camping and backpacking so that’s just one of the things we do. Do whatever works for your family and enjoy the journey! See you out on the trail! ✌️ #timewithfamily #familyadventures #daddydaughter #daddydaughtertime #daddydaughtertime❤️ #campingtrip #backpacking #hikingwithkids #bringyourlife #bringyourkids #hikingwithtoddlers #thewaltonadventure #campinglife #backpackinglife #childhoodmemories #childhoodunplugged #lifesbetteroutside ♬ Yachts (A Man Called Adam Remix) - Chris Coco & Coco (DE) & Steel & Lovebomb & A Man Called Adam


For those whose dads have a flair for more unique and culturally rich activities, another video by @flowermama.420 offers a glimpse into a day spent embracing the cowboy lifestyle. A captured moment of a cowboy hat wearing father and son engaging in traditional ranch activities, embodying the spirit of the Old West. We love those who are raising the next generation of cowboys.

@flowermama.420 Stone is always step for step after his daddy and they are both so excited about their arena. #swingincoxranch #fyp #kidsoftiktok #cowboysoftiktok #cowboystuff #roping #mycowboys #fatherson #allcowboy ♬ The Best Day - George Strait


Videos like these are not only fun but give us a deeper appreciation of just how much our dads do for us.  Whether it’s hiking through lush landscapes or riding horses under a wide-open sky, spending the day with dad in these adventurous ways can make for an unforgettable Father’s Day.

From all of us at Tru Western, we wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day.

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