At Tru Western, we believe in the power of doing your part for others to build a strong community. Guided by this commitment, we have launched the #4others initiative, designating one dollar for every product sold online to groups who strive to improve the lives of the Western community.

The price of all our products sold online ends with .40, offering a proud reminder that with each purchase, you are helping to shape the lives of others.

We are proud to announce our 2023 #4others Partnership with the Western Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the success of Western Lifestyle Sports athletes by supporting their overall health and well-being.

The Western Sports Foundation chooses to focus on the advancement of total athlete wellness by providing access to resources for immediate Mental, Financial, and Physical health needs, as well as preparation for life beyond competition—always, without cost. WSF-provided services include life counseling, medical examinations, scholarship programs, career coaching, retirement planning, physical therapy, and more.     

From Rodeo bull riders to those competing in Equine Events, the WSF acknowledges the sacrifices made by competitors in Western Lifestyle Sports by doing their part to build a stronger communityLearn more here about the other ways you can directly aid the Western Sports Foundation in their mission.   


Thank you for your support,

The Tru Western Family

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