Betty's Henhouse


I have an eggciting find to add to my collection of treasures; @bettys_henhouse is quickly becoming my newest therapy method to help with my severe fear of chickens!  

Jessica, mother of four little humans and self-proclaimed professional chicken herder, documents through Instagram the adventures of Betty’s chicken coop and her flock of 31 flightless friends. 

While I am not a chicken expert, she does seem to have quite the assortment of breedsThere are fluffy feathered ones, black and white ones, wild-colored ones, ones that have constant bad hair days, and even regular Rhode Island redsThey are all different in color and size, but they all still lay eggs -- that’s 31 eggs a day, to be eggsact! 

This many feathery friends can be a lot to handle, so thankfully Jessica has her golden retriever, Misha, and a judgmental cat, Winstonto keep her company on the farm.  

My collection of farm favorites is growing, and I can say that Bettys Henhouse is towards the top of the list.  

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