Riding The Stylish Chiseled

Those of us that watch PBR, know that there ain't a show without the bull.
Bred to buck, these massive animals bring the action and intensity that makes PBR so uniquely dangerous and exciting.
Rapidly growing in popularity, Chiseled is one those great bulls that stops the hearts of both fans and riders alike.
Chiseled is undeniably fierce and strong, but unlike most, he is also silky smooth.  Part of getting those high scores is putting on a great show for the judges.  In the case of Chiseled, if you can withstand his buck, you are likely winning the day as his showmanship and style is second to none. Watch below as Zeke gives Chiseled his best effort - spoiler, its not enough!
Keep your eyes open for Chiseled during the remainder of 2020 season as he vies for knocking longstanding champ Bruiser off his perch as top bull of PBR.

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