Yellowstone: Are You Watching?


YELLOWSTONE - One of the hottest shows on tv, just wrapped up its 3rd season last month. 

If you aren't aware of the STONE, Rolling Stone probably described it best as, "like Game of Thrones set in Montana, but instead of flights of fancy on dragon-back, it dives into complex real-world issues."  This dramatic, heavily western infused show, stars the well aged Kevin Costner as the stoic family patriarch, a roll that he was born to play.

Tons of viewers have become addicted, with a 4th season already being greenlit. However  since it runs on the Paramount network outside of the Netflix and Hulu sphere, many are still in the dark on this epic program.

If your interested and have cable, it's buried in a long list of channels which you likely already subscribe too.  Just do a search for Paramount. If you don't have cable you can look to stream it through one of these services as noted here.

Still not easy we know, but trust us it's worth the hunt.  Just a fair bit of warning, the 1st season is a little slow, but get through that and your cooking with grease.

For a great intro into, take a look at the Rolling Stones article mentioned earlier.  The article also includes videos to its amazing country soundtrack.

3 seasons are available now, 29 episodes in total.  So if your new to the show, you got a great escape to take you into winter. Enjoy!

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