It takes years to become a master at any discipline; luckily, this little cowboy is starting just in time. Helping him to reach his full bullfighting potential is fashionable and functional toddler ranchwear line, The Denim Kyote.

The company and website, which can also be found in the link of their bio at @thedenimkyote, is proudly run by two mamas, while, β€œwrangling 6 cowboys.”


Let’s all take a moment to revel in the cuteness, and to be glad that they went against Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson’s advice by letting their babies grow up to be cowboys.

These ladies are not only successful at running a business but are top tier mamas as well. Their kids are given the freedom to explore the ins and outs of bullfighting, goat wrangling, horse riding, and all-around what it takes to become a cowboy.

As I patiently wait for their next Instagram post featuring an adorable Rodeo-Star-in-training, I think I’ll go ahead and purchase a ball cap to match.


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