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I am a big fan of food. I often start thinking about what I’ll have for dinner about 10 minutes after I finish eating lunch. Is it legal to marry a heaping serving of fettuccine alfredo, because if so, which way to the nearest courthouse?

As you can imagine, when I stumbled upon Professional Chef and Cowgirl Jill Bosich’s Instagram (@jilltherangerider), covered in images of the most delicious looking cuisine, I drooled like a begging dog on its owner’s thigh. Lucky for my fellow food lovers and I, Jill uses her IG page and The Range Rider website to post recipes of mouth-watering dishes for us to try at home.

Tonight, I’ve decided to try her steak and shrimp recipe; with a husband who originally hails from Australia, I’m looking forward to shrimp on the “barbie,” as they say down under. Turns out, BBQ reigns supreme no matter what hemisphere you’re grilling in!

Once we finish up the steak and shrimp for dinner, we plan to order a batch of warm cookies from Cowgirl Cookie Co, also owned and operated by Jill. They’re able to ship to your house, and if there’s one thing I love more than food, it’s convenience! Have a friend who loves dessert so much that they’re likely distantly related to Cookie Monster? Fear not; Jill and her team can send your pal a gift, redeemable whenever their sweet tooth starts hollering.

Do yourself a favor and check Jill Bosich out, but be advised; viewing her content while hungry may lead to overactive salivary glands and audible stomach gurgles. You have been warned!

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