Extreme Skiing


What do you get when you cross an adrenaline addict with a cowboy? That’s right – a skijorer! If you’ve never heard of such a thing (like most non-skijoring people), then saddle up, because I might’ve just found your new favorite winter activity.

Skijoring is a sport during which a person on skis is pulled behind a horse running at full speed. The skier must catch rings, while navigating a course with obstacles (i.e. jumps), because, of course, skiing at 25mph is not difficult enough. I personally ski all the time (in my dreams) and perform tricks (to reiterate, while I am completely unconscious) while being pulled by a horse at high speeds (on a bunny hill).

Utah hosts a Skijoring Event each year for anyone who is willing to enter, and this year was no exception. Luckily, they were still able to safely hold the tournament at the outdoor Soldier Hollow Nordic Center in Midway, Utah, with Pandemic concerns at top of mind.

The cream rises to the top, and this year followed suit with a new set of crowned Pro Division Champions.

So next time you’re skiing and think you may want a little more speed, grab a good horse, a rope, and giddy up, cowboy!


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