Quality Breeding with Bradshaw


Who doesn’t dream of buying a ranch and having all your favorite animals around all the time? Well Terry Bradshaw, former quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers, lives just that dream. With a 700+ acre ranch in Thackerville, OK Terry has enough room to tuck away his biggest passion, his horses. Bradshaw took the winning mindset from his football career and applied it to his horse breeding and training program. The breeding program "Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses" focuses on producing proven winners in mares and stallions, so they are literally breeding for success! Who wouldn’t want those odds? 

The surprises don’t stop there with Bradshaw, he also has his own Bourbon! Like all noteworthy bourbon, “Bradshaw Bourbon”, is crafted and produced in Kentucky where they take bourbon very seriously. His website provides different drink recipes for creating the perfect bourbon cocktails. You can also find a great video on the distillery’s website where Terry’s bourbon is made. When Terry isn’t doing it all, we can almost guarantee he is sitting with a tumbler of his very own bourbon taking in the ranch views.





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