Highway 40


Is there anything cooler than pretending you are Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead riding a horse on a vacant highway? If you didn't watch the show, don't worry about it but if you did then we know you know. From December 1st to June 14th Highway 40 near Alberta, Canada is officially closed. This happens every year to help wildlife migrate without any interruptions. You can find animals like elk, bears, mountain goats, and moose traveling along the road, and @bekayshow gives us a glimpse of the beautiful experience. 


 The reason that it is encouraged to ride horse back during this time is because the highway is extremely unique. With some of the highest elevation compared to any other highway in the country (7,310ft!), the views cannot be matched to anywhere else. They say that this journey is the perfect way to discover Canada if you have never been. Experience some of the most beautiful views anyone has ever imagined on Highway 40. Check out @bekayshow’s videos, and you decide!


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