Outlaw Austin


Here at Tru Western, we are well-acquainted with the term Outlaw, as it is the name of one of our staple fragrances. To us, Outlaw is “bad to the bone” encapsulated -- *cue the music*. We think we’ve found someone who represents this badass essence so well, they might just have to write a new song about it.


Introducing Austin: a veteran of the United States Army Rangers and creator of the Tactical Horsemanship Program, available in various southwestern states. Not only did he serve this great country, he’s a handsome & wholesome cowboy to boot. Most people (this one most definitely included) would call him the whole package.

We love seeing his horseback trips in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and wherever else his adventurous life leads him through his Instagram, @outlaw.austin.

Austin, thank you for embodying everything we value about what it means to be an “Outlaw,” and most of all, thank you for your service.


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