Adam's Natural Meats


Imagine stumbling into your profession and passion completely by accident – seems like a concept reserved for a Lifetime channel movie, right? Well, for Bryan Adams of Adams Natural Meats, a happenstance turned career is his reality. His journey in the meat business began nearly three decades ago when he was offered three bison calves in exchange for blasting out a basement of a client’s home. He accepted the calves as payment, and the rest is history!  

Fast forward twenty-nine years, and Adams Natural Meat is flourishing. Their focus on raising 100% grass fed, hormone and antibiotic-free bison has earned them the title of “Best Bison” in 2020 by Phoenix Magazine. They put the environment and customers at the forefront of their business by using sustainable practices that yields delicious and healthy meat.

Now, before you rush to go order some buffalo from Adams Natural Meats as a healthy red meat alternative for your dinner table, allow me to leave you with some deeply profound bovine humor:


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