Well, call me Little Bo Peep, because I want all these sheep! Lynn McKay, living the shepherd dream, is a Canadian sheep rancher who raises Suffolk sheep. However, unlike in the nursery rhymes, this kind of sheep would not give the little boy who lives down the lane “three bags full.” Rather, Suffolk sheep are primarily known for their meat – not exactly a theme you would find in a children’s tune.

Two is most always better than one, so Lynn McKay has a partner to help her with the whole flock. Arnie Droogh raise the Suffolk on the same farm that he was born and raised, now cleverly named Ewetopia Farms. While his specialty lies in sheep, Droogh brings to the table a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to raising animals, which makes him the perfect Sheep Shepherding partner-in-crime.

Who can run a sheep farm properly without sheep dogs? Border Collies Ben and Katie keep the whole crew in shape, and by whole crew, I mean sheep and people.

The canine pair are not the only cute and cuddly animals around; lambing season always brings new babies into the world, and these little balls of wool are adorable. If you’re interested in following Lynn and Droogh’s shepherding journey, you can follow them on Instagram @ewetopiafarms, or check out their website at  www.ewetopia.ca for more.


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