Cheap & Chic Citrus Garland


Its that time of year again where both trees on cars and dads on ladders is all the rage - its the week after Thanksgiving!  However one interesting new sight is the re-emerging trend of DIY garlands.

With folks staying home and kids in need of projects during e-learning breaks, this old tradition is one we love to see returning.


If your inspired, please meet Jenni Yolo and her husband who find homes from the early 1800’s, renovate them, and then rent them out as Airbnb’s for a living. As if we didn’t have enough envy, Jenni also loves doing DIY projects to make more, and buy less. On I SPY DIY this week, Jenni posts one way to have fun, be creative and to decorate the home with a low-cost orange peel garland.

Jenni’s goal is to never buy another ornament again, and that every year moving forward she will make them herself. The blogger explains that she used leftover oranges from her bar cart, and the twine was extra from a previous holiday. We don’t think anything feels better than making something yourself, and Jenni takes great pride in doing so. It also doesn’t hurt that her Instagram videos with her children making the garland will make your heart melt.

Check out her Instagram post down below or her website for more budget friendly DIY and some beautiful home decor eye candy.

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