Netflix's BBQ Queen


Looking for a holiday binge to watch with the family? We highly suggest you check out Netflix’s Chef’s Table: BBQ [edition]. Each stellar episode follows a different BBQ establishment and what makes them tick.  But personally the real standout is episode 1 - staring Tootsie Tomanetz, the 85 year old BBQ pit master of Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, TX.

Through the episode you’ll learn about Tootsie’s past and her journey of having to sell her own family business after her husband fell ill. And how through that challenging time, she fell into the BBQ game and rose to smoked meat fame.

This is one of those show’s that will have you putting your phone down and getting lost in the episode as both the imagery and storytelling is fantastic. Not only will you see how Tootsie is likely the sweetest woman to ever flip a brisket, but the episode will guide you through all the hard work that goes into a small business and how supporting them is so darn important.

Folks flock to Snow’s BBQ year-round, and the owner embraces them with coolers of beer to accommodate the long wait. From near and far, people wait up to eleven hours just to get a taste of Tootsie’s hand-crafted work. The owner Kerry Bexley says it’s an honor to have people come to a town that populates only a thousand people just to try their food.

With Thanksgiving being this week, this show will have you being thankful for family, storytelling, and good eating. The good news? Snow’s ships their meats and sauces, so you can support them no matter where you’re located

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