Gift Guides For Do-ers


I know with each passing year it becomes a little bit harder to find new gifts for those I love. After-all how many ties, shirts or sweaters does a guy really need. As always, our Tru Western fragrance brands make the perfect holiday gift.  But assuming you already made that purchase wink, wink…and still need something else, well we are here to help.

For the dad’s, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews and those how love the outdoors, we highly recommend you check out Bespoke Post.  Bespoke is mostly known for their curated themed gift sets, but in recent seasons they have started carrying individual items ranging from typhoon-proof matches to throwing knives to the ultimate roadie glass.

bespoke post matches zippo typhoon

For 2021 they have unique gift guides depending on the tastes of your giftee; like The Homesteader, The Tastemaker and our favorite The Year-Round Explorer. Each item manages to feels special and utterly unique, and the best part many items are under $50 bucks.


 So dig in, you might even find something for yourself. Don’t worry we won’t tell.

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