Garage Beer


When I hear garage beer, I think about a bunch of dudes sitting in lawn chairs and slinging back cold ones to avoid having to mow the lawn. However, my perspective has been completely changed by this lady boss and herflourishing brewery!

Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, The Garage Brewery, was founded by entrepreneur and craft beer enthusiast Ulyana Gomez, as a place to enrich the community through both employment and offering a welcoming venue to enjoy top notch brews.

Her lead Brewer Kelsey is known for his unique style that adheres to tradition yet leans into unconventional breaks from the norm.  For instance there is a delicious Cherry Blonde Ale, a Smooth Operator Wheat Beer (peach and mango flavor? I’m drooling!), and a Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde that is definiately calling my name!

To top it off, this seven barrel microbrewery is puppy friendly - so if you count your cards right, you might just snag a seat next to an adorable furry companion. Cheers!


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