Smoking for Soldiers


Tuffy Stone has been a fixture in the BBQ world since 2004.

Over that time, he has come to be known as “The Professor”, due to his legendary precision and obsession with the science of smoke.

That obsession has led him to winning countless competitions, becoming a reality star, writing his own books and opening his own BBQ joints.

But of all his incredible accomplishments, Tuffy recently reflected that one of his best life experiences was going to Kuwait and cooking for some 5 thousand active soldiers. He recalls staying up all night, struggling with technical challenges to be sure that the soldiers coming off patrol and rising for the day where fed.

A former Marine, he cherished the opportunity to give back and offer his fellow Americans a taste of home.

The Tru Western Team would like to not only thank Tuffy for his service to our country, but for his continued dedication to support our active military as well.


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