Success in Summits


For some of us, me included, a climb to top of the stairs leaves us out of imagine toping 7 of the world's highest peaks – I'm tired just thinking about it.

But for some, like former NFLer Mark Pattison, 7 is just a number meant to be overcome.

Up until 2016, only 416 people had completed the Seven Summits – a grueling journey of climbing and surviving, the world most treacherous peaks. But this past year, Pattison, who is 59 years young, added his name to this exclusive list by completing the last leg of his journey topping both Mount Everest and Lhotse (the fourth highest mountain in the world). Most impressively he did both summits in 24 hours.

With the belief that anything is possible, Mark set out to topple Lhotse for his daughter, Emilia, who is working to summit her own mountain of epilepsy.

As no one should go it alone, our partners at Higher Ground are pitching in to support Mark in raising funds for research and awareness to help both Emilia and the thousands of others who struggle with epilepsy.

Congrats to Mark on his summit accomplishments!

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