J Bar D Canvas and Leather produces outdoor teepees and bedrolls for cowboys all over the world. While the merchandise is beautiful and handmade, it is the story of how the company came about that interested us. A lot of success stories start out with a great beginning, however for J Bar D, it started off a little rocky. After a series of unfortunate events including a business fire and his horse accidentally stepping on his foot, Shane was forced to spend an entire winter indoors.

This led to him getting in touch with his creative side and recreating the long-lost family bed rolls he had grown up with. Right then and there, the kitchen became the location of the new family business that would change their lives forever. Since then their offerings have expanded beyond bedrolls into  canvas bags, gear bags and their famous teepees. It is truly a gift to the family to do what they love but also to provide somewhere to sleep under the stars in comfort. Check out their website and Instagram for photos of the products and fam!





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