BBQ with a Mexican Flare


If your a frequent visitor to The Ride, you have likely realized we enjoy us some good BBQ. Self described BBQ knucklehead, Ernest Servantes, owner of the recently opened The Burnt Bean CO. in Sequin, Texas, is one of those purveyors that gets what we like when it comes to smoked meats. You might recognize him as Ernest has won countless competitions including the hit TV series Chopped.



Opening the Burnt Bean was a journey that started when Ernest was just 15, winning his first competition with a crude barrel smoker that cost him $50. From that he went on to refine his style, taking inspiration from Mexican grandmother and crafting his BBQ with Latin herbs, sauces and hand made tortillas.  Ernest takes pride in taking the worst cuts of meat and turning them into some of the best tasting meals "ever." For many Mexican Americans who are trying to make a name for themselves in BBQ, he has become an icon and inspiration. We love a good success story, and we think you will too. Follow Ernest at @popeofbbq, and his fantastic new Youtube series to learn more about his pit master journey.


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