Western Workouts


What do you get when you cross a workout specialist with a cowgirl? The answer is Kelly Altschwager! (@westernworkouts)

Not too long ago, Kelly observed that her fellow cowgirls and cowboys were taking exceptional care of their horses, but not always tending to their own personal health. With a background as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she decided to change all that.

The beauty of Kelly’s program is that she customizes it to fit the person’s unique needs, even down to their equine sport. Since not everyone uses the same muscles when riding a horse, she tailors the workouts to each person’s individual physical demands.  

The extra bonus is that Kelly goes beyond what we do with our bodies, but also what we put in them, creating a nutritional plan to help each client strengthen from the inside out.


At the core of her program is the goal of supporting riders to be equally healthy both in and out of the saddle, balancing strength, nutrition and mental well-being. I think we could all use a little more balance in our life.

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