PBR's Man's Man: J.B. Mauney


With Brazilian Jose Vitor Leme riding to his first PBR World Championship this November, we thought it was a good time to turn back the clock and revisit a favorite Finals champion of year's past - the great J.B. Mauney (Mooney).  

For 2020, Mauney now 33, has managed to weather father time, staying in the  competitive mix, finishing 4th in the past 3 events, bringing his world ranking to a commendable #29.

But back in 2015, Mauney separated himself from the pack, capturing the Championship Buckle through a season of consistent epics rides. He was so dominant that he was able to take off the last day of the season due to injury while still assuring himself the championship.

For many, Mauney was the rider that ushered PBR into mainstream awareness, through both his ability to win but perhaps more importantly his gritty, cowboy defining personality.  I could write about it, but better for you to watch VICE's awesome profile of what drives Mauney to greatness.

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