Costner Wants To Tell You A Story


Our office favorite, Kevin Costner of Yellowstone fame, has launched a new App  that blends travel with storytelling via HearHere.  This unique subscription App uses your location to custom serve you stories of "people, places and histories of the land you are traveling through." Essentially becoming your own personal tour guide. 

Costner shared: "I am in love with history. I am in love with Country. I am in love with all the edges, all the disappointments, all the progress - all worth knowing. The truth will always be more interesting than the lie - and HearHere gives us the opportunity to reveal it."

As of today, the app only covers states from the Pacific to Utah but will soon expand across the entire U.S. of A.

So if your in the West and headed out on the open road, we suggest you load up HearHere and take it for a spin. You might just learn something!

See below for a clip from Costner's own story which can be found in the app.

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