Robert Jacob Lerma: A Love of BBQ


Photographer Robert Jacob Lerma is an artist we dig, with his work appearing in our BBQ post last week, as well as an earlier profile of Tootsie, the queen of BBQ [Snow’s BBQ].  Lerma's journey with BBQ began after his first trip to Austin, Texas in 2005, where he can still remember his "first bite of great brisket at Louie Mueller". Not long after he made the move from California to Austin, where he has lived ever since, honing his craft of photographing not only food but liquor, people and landscapes. Lerma's images embody an energy of realism, capturing both the food, and the people behind the food in their most natural habitat of flame, smoke and metal.  Lerma's social followers are known to map out their next meal by his most recent posts - It is a big responsibility, but based on folks comments he doesn't disappoint.



Lerma's photos have appeared in countless publications from Southern Living to Vogue. In addition his journey has lead him to becoming a brand ambassador for many well-known brands, including Yeti and Knob Creek. When not taking hunger inducing pics, Lerma works in psychiatric medicine as CEO of a hospital in downtown Austin.  Definitely a man of many talents.  Check out his full details at @robertjacoblerma.




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