Cowboy President


Sometimes referred to as the “cowboy president”, Ronald Reagan is well known for the president side of that title, but most don’t know quite how deep his cowboy blood ran. 

A fixture in Hollywood before his political career, Reagan starred in some 69 films with a few in western genre including Law and Order, Santa Fe Trail, and Cattle Queen of Montana. He once stated that “acting didn’t feel like a was more like playing cowboys and Indians.”

While many actors found refuge in exotic locales, Reagan chose to escape to the modest, yet sprawling Rancho del Cielo (Heaven's Ranch). 688-acres in size, the ranch was where he and Nancy would escape into nature and enjoy one of their favorite activities riding horses. Located near Santa Barbara, California, ranch was known as the Western White house during Reagan’s tenure and despite not having central heat, still managed to host many esteemed guests including Queen Elizabeth II.


There are many great cowboys in our history, but likely only one who was both a movie star and the President of the United States of America.

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