Cowboy Christmas


Undoubtedly the 4th of July is a special time of year. It’s a moment to celebrate the independence of America while kicking back and relaxing at the grill, on boat or at the beach.


But for people who rodeo, it’s not quite the same relaxing vibe - Referred to as “Cowboy Christmas,” this time of year is known for the abundant number of rodeo competitions that can be attended and the amount of money up for grabs for those willing to hustle all around the Western US.

And with all this talk about Christmas, it's fitting that the St. Paul’s Rodeo in Oregon has become famous for acknowledging the winter holiday by displaying Christmas trees in the arena. Unfortunately, none of the trees will have the traditional presents under them, but for the rodeo winners the prize money won’t have them caring much.

There are many unique things about rodeo, but being able to rodeo during cowboy Christmas with Christmas trees in the arena is the cherry on top.

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