An Eye for the West


With an eye for raw authenticity and the heart of a storyteller, Kehana Rose (@rowdythebronco) is a photographer who defies convention.

Self-taught in her craft, Kehana takes her inspiration from the rugged authenticity of the old west. She can often be found in the untamed countryside of Montana seeking that single, perfect picture that will capture those sought after thousand words.

Recently Kehana has stepped in front of the camera, modeling in her photo and video content both for her own feeds as well as branded content. Like a Chameleon, she can effortlessly transform herself from cowgirl on horseback, to the camping girl next door, to a fashionista ready for the runaway. In all cases she seems as authentic as they come.

Truly a jane of all traits, Kehana just wrapped on the set of the new Nicolas Cage film, The Old Way, which chronicles a former gunslinger who seeks revenge with the help of his daughter. Sounds like the gritty world that Kehana lives for.

We will no doubt continue to track her as her career continues to you know we love a good story.

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