Now that the holiday dust has settled, we all are looking for things to do with our time. One thing we do know is that small businesses are still struggling and a lot of them are amazing companies that just need a spotlight shined on them. Meet Clare and Josh, they are a young couple from Maryland that opened their own woodshop, Forest Culture Design. But hold on! Do not stop reading, this company is so much more than just wood.

Not only do they carve woodwork, but they also create amazing paintings that you can replicate. Paint by number has been around for ages but creating your own art on wood that you can hang in your home is something to talk about. Clare and Josh have always had an appreciation for nature and most of their paintings are inspired by the outdoors. It is highly suggested to paint outdoors to experience the beauty and peace that painting outside can uncover. Check out their Instagram and website for more information on how to get started!

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