The Return of Walker TR


Mark your calendar's Walker fans!  It has been confirmed that our old friend Walker Texas Ranger is returning.

In the trailer just released, we see a widower and father of two who has been undercover for 2 years, attempting to reconnect with his children, find some common ground with his new partner, all while trying to discover who really killed his wife.


 Airing on the CW Network, the reboot will star Jared Padalecki from the much loved show Supernatural. Apparently Mr. Padalecki has long had a passion for the original show, working tirelessly to bring it back and accounting for the long delay as Supernatural kept on going (15 years in total).

All we can say is its about time. Jared no doubt has his work cut out as he attempts to fill the shoes of the iconic Chuck Norris. But based on his love of the original show and the fact he looks good in the hat, we think he's got a shot. January 21st cannot come soon enough!


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