Tapt Trailers


Summertime is right around the corner, which means time to put away the stash of Cadbury Crème Mini Eggs, dust off that speedo bod, and load up the cooler – it’s tailgatin’ SZN, Ladies and Gents!

This year, no reason to fight with friends about whose turn it is to host the summer kick-off, as I have discovered the perfect party addition for you.

TAPT Trailers, full outdoor bar & food service on-the-go, is the relief for all your event planning woes. With various available packages, including tents & chairs, games and entertainment, catered food, professional staff, and a bar on wheels – TAPT has all the tools you could possibly need to, “take your party to the next level.”

As a fair-skinned person living in a hot climate, the tent-provided shade to prevent my yearly metamorphosis into a lobster is enough to get me excited! The mobile bar and food stations have copious seating, which leaves plenty of room for both the conversation and drink to flow.


The only thing left to do is sit back and party! #GetTAPT

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