Super Ali


While doing my weekly routine of online shopping for my next favorite item, I found something so much more than a graphic tee. I found the one and only Ali Dee!

This lady makes super woman look like she is on vacation! Ali has so many talents that I don’t know where to begin…so I will start with my favorite, she is a singer/song writer with her new song “All That Cowboy Jazz” just being released! If you think you recognize Ali, it might be because she is an announcer for the Dallas Mavericks (basketball) and Cowboys (football).

Not only does she have a voice to make country music icons jealous, but she is an outdoors country girl. Her and her husband raise bucking bulls with a notable National Finals Rodeo round win in 2020 with their bull Silver Linings.

But Ali’s greatest skill and accomplishment is called “Pecos”, her adorable son! How she juggles all these amazing talents I don’t know, but I know that she is my new inspiration! Happy later mothers’ day to this Super lady and mom!


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