Old West in Style


With temps rising and so much time spend indoors over the past year, I know we are all ready for a vacation. So this summer treat yourself to open skies, mountain views and days full of adventure at the Cherokee Park Ranch in Colorado.

However, be warned, this experience is so addicting that you may not want to leave, and that’s just what the Prince’s did - After 4 consecutive vacations on the ranch, the family bought it to run as their own!

Once a “rest stop” for stagecoaches traveling between Colorado and Wyoming, today the ranch is a modernized destination with all the comforts of home, while maintaining the historical integrity of the original establishment. Much of the furniture and building details date back to 1890’s.

Outdoor activities will take you out into the Colorado wilderness with horseback riding, fly fishing, skeet shooting, hiking, roping lessons and river rafting.

Each activity is designed to cater to the experienced and newbie so that the whole family can have a vacation soon not forgotten.

And don’t forget about the food, the Cherookee Park takes great pride in offering gourmet all -inclusive meals to guests where each meal is different, unique but guaranteed to be tasty.


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