Dairy Educated


If you were born in the mid-1990s or earlier, you probably recognize the slogan, “Got Milk?” The popular catchphrase frequently graced television screens and magazine pages at the end of the 20th century, encouraging the consumption of milk, and informing the public of all the benefits to be gained from drinking the beverage.

Nowadays, when milk-mustache commercials are considered a relic of the past, and there are too many kinds of milks made from nuts to count, Instagram has given one man a crucial platform to educate us on the continued importance of good, old-fashioned cow milk.

Dan is an Iowa dairy farmer who takes to Instagram to educate people about the myths, misconceptions, and unknowns of dairy farming. You can often find him in the reels of the social media platform, answering people’s questions and debunking myths of cruelty to the animals involved in the process.

The fourth-generation dairy farmer gives an up-close view of how a dairy farm works, and what all it entails to have happy cows. So check out his page, and see an expert look into the inner-workings of one of America’s favorite food groups.


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