BIG Horns


One thing is certain: whoever coined the phrase, “grab life by the horns,” has clearly never actually encountered a Watusi bull. One look at BWS Alk, kingpin Watusi of Moffatt Farms, and they would quickly change the tune of their whistle!

The bull owner, Matt Moffat, is a third-generation farmer whose love for these large-horned animals inspired him to start his own small herd.  

Farming and ranching is defined by taking care of others, as well as the land. It is a livelihood that is often passed down the family from generation to generation. Matt Moffatt knows this fact first-hand, as he has already begun passing down valuable farming knowledge to his three daughters.

Meet Miss Sweetie Pie! One of Moffatt’s daughters recently checked off a life goal after she skillfully turned this 9-year-old cow into her pet.



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