American Cowboy


A picture tells a story, and Ivan McClellan is capturing exactly that. You have probably seen his photos and not known the photographer.

He is paying tribute to the American Cowboy and highlighting the Martin Luther King Rodeos and their competitors. He gives us a bit of insight into how he started, and why he does it:

“I started this IG, mainly because after photographing cowboy culture for a few years, I needed pocket-sized access to my happy place. I sit here today, nearly two years into the public showcase of this photographic journey, humbled, excited, and without exact words to describe how I feel. I feel thankful for the shares, for the love, for the acceptance when I make mistakes, and the excitement we have experienced together when something has gone exceptionally well. Your comments and DM’s and personal stories fuel me and make me excited to go out and capture more images.”

The story is at the forefront, so take a look, and read it for yourself.

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