A Boondocker's Guide


Ever wonder what it would be like to pack up and travel full-time in an Air-stream trailer? Well wonder no longer.  2 years ago Greg Graham@Thisairstreamlife packed up his life and took to the open road while offering a peak into his adventures via instagram.



Now going one step further, Greg has launched his Boondocker's Philosophy blog, where he looks to impart the tips and tricks he has picked up, as well as sharing candid insights into his failures.

In one of the more recent posts Greg shares the challenges of Airstream-ing in the winter and the havoc snow can play when trying to stay warm.  But like any good guide, Greg provides a list of all the essentials to get you through it.


Along his journey, Greg has provided some outstanding photos of his boondocking  - we look forward to joining him on the road ahead.

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