From Catwalk to Cutting Horse


Bella Hadid is taking the western world by storm. Known for gracing the runways of high fashion, Bella has long harbored a passion for horses, an affinity she's nurtured since childhood.



She grew up on a horse ranch in Beverly Hills for a decade. Away from the glitz and glamour of the fashion world, Bella finds solace in the rhythmic sounds of hooves and the bond she shares with these majestic creatures. Her love for riding isn't just a mere pastime; it's a return to her roots, a tribute to the authenticity of her personal story, and a testament to the grounding power of connecting with animals.



Recently, Bella Hadid took her equestrian passion to the competitive edge of the cutting horse arena, a sport that showcases the incredible agility and intelligence of horses as they separate, or "cut," cattle from a herd. The social media sphere buzzed with excitement as Bella shared glimpses of her cutting horse experience, an event that marries traditional western equine practices with the adrenaline of timed performance. Her involvement in this niche yet storied sport drew attention not only from her loyal fashion following but also from the tight-knit community of western riding enthusiasts.



Bella was riding a bay roan stallion, Metallic Tito and ended up in eighth place in the limited amateur category, but the attention and grace that she brought to the cutting world put her in the western spotlight.

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