Capturing the Wild


Disappointment, frustration, resignation: otherwise known as the three stages of attempting to photograph an especially stunning sunset, only to find that the vibrant array of pinks and oranges and blues will never look as breathtaking in your camera roll as they do in real-time.

It goes without saying that it takes a special kind of talent to accurately capture the fleeting occurrences of life’s beauty through a lens. Yet, somehow, Cameraman and Nature Photo Blogger Tom Rassuchine manages to make it look effortless.

He doesn’t just stick to landscapes, either! Just a quick peak at Rassuchine’s Instagram feed (@trassuchine), and it’s clear that one of his favorite subjects to photograph is an animal in motion; most recently, he featured a series following Labrador Retrievers from @superretrieverseries as they ripped through chest-deep water, as though it was thinner than air, to retrieve game for their owners. Each photo showcases a snapshot of their incredible speed, athleticism, and natural abilities that make this breed the quintessential duck hunting dog. Seriously, why doesn’t my lab mix do that?

Rassuchine takes what most people might consider the ordinary or commonplace from nature and turns it into epic pieces of art.

Other than Instagram, you can also catch his photography, videography, illustrations, and logo designs on his website,

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