• Get to Know: Kosmo Q

    Get to Know: Kosmo Q

    If you like BBQ you're going to love Kosmo Q.  This legit BBQ expert loves to do meat right.  His Youtube and Instagram channel will walk you through all his secrets and may inspire your inner meat greatness. Beyond that, he's a funny dude, leading to each episode being quite entertaining. Check out his full selection of videos here at KosmoQ.com or see below...
  • Maren Morris: New Mom, New Single

    Maren Morris: New Mom, New Single

    Rising country star Maren Morris opened up recently on life: sharing thoughts on the world in crisis, being a woman, and her job as a new mom. Indeed life can get complicated.  Morris's new single looks to sum it all up, as an ode to her new son, speaking to the many challenges the world faces and a belief that people can come together...
  • Cast Iron Campfire Nachos

    Cast Iron Campfire Nachos

    “Even while on the road, enjoy a happy hour classic” Taking gourmet camp cooking to a whole new level of deliciousness, these cast iron skillet nachos are loaded with steak, jalapeños, blue cheese, bacon, and a flavorful beer-cheese sauce. Are they over the top? Look, probably a little… Are they worth the effort? Without a doubt! See full recipe here!   View this post...
  • World Finals Detour

    World Finals Detour

    Covid has caused some serious life detours for most of us and PBR is no exception. For the first time in over 25 years, the PBR World Finals will be held somewhere other than Las Vegas - AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to be exact. Sean Gleason, CEO of PBR, walks the public through this venue change in the  video below. No doubt this...
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