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Yellowstone Bunkhouse Soap on a Rope
Crisp Citrus & Sage. Inspired by notes of citrus with outdoor evergreens and rugged undertones. Artisanal bar soap for daily cleansing, featuring a hemp rope to wrap around the wrist when in use and for conveniently hanging in the shower. Made...
Yellowstone Ride Solid Cologne
The same great Yellowstone Ride Cologne, now available in a pocket-friendly, solid format, so you can continue smelling good all day long. This Rip Wheeler-inspired cologne is ideal for the rough and tough outdoorsman who likes a shot of bourbon...
Yellowstone Campfire Suede Candle
Bring the rustic charm of Yellowstone into your home with our Campfire Suede Candle, inspired by the hit TV show. This wax candle features a unique blend of soft sandalwood, warm vetiver, and white suede, creating a cozy and inviting...
Yellowstone Wax Melt Bundle
Transport yourself to the breathtaking landscapes of the renowned Dutton Ranch with the Official Wax Melts of Paramount Network's hit show Yellowstone. This wax melt bundle includes 3 iconic scents: PARADISE VALLEY: Features a refreshing blend of sparkling lemongrass, delicate white tea leaves, and...
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