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For The Outdoorsman

Yellowstone Original Men's Cologne
Fresh. Invigorating. Outdoorsy. Rip inspired, the Yellowstone cologne embraces the ethos of a man. Ideal for noble outdoorsy type who knows his “job is to protect family,” who cleans up well after “doing cowboy shit all day,” and never loses...
Leather Small Batch Cologne No. 2
Alluring. Smooth. Masculine. The undisputed champion of our collection, Leather Small Batch is a contemporary cologne expertly crafted with soft, leathery warmth and smooth sexy woods. Inspired by vintage bourbon, the perfumer infused notes of grey suede, shaved white woods,...
Outlaw Cologne
Vintage Shave. Rugged. Woody. Smells like a fresh, clean vintage shave.  Crafted to be rugged, yet composed, the scent seizes the senses with an opening hit of refreshing bergamot, lavender and fir balsam. At its heart, the audacious woody center...
Wrangler Original Cologne
Aromatic. Citrusy. Earthy. Bright citrus is threaded with fresh aromatics & warm resins to create a masculine scent uniquely Wrangler. Rooted in heritage and crafted with soul, this cologne is a timeless blend inspired by the brand's rich history.
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