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For The Classic Westerner

Yellowstone Ride Men's Cologne
Warm. Seductive. Captivating. “Ride for the Brand.” This Rip Wheeler-inspired eau de cologne is ideal for a rough and tough outdoorsman who likes a shot of bourbon before heading home to waiting arms! With notes of raw bergamot, crisp clary sage,...
Leather Private Reserve Cologne No. 1
Sexy. Subtle. Sueded. Leather is an authentic and strong symbol of the American West heritage that runs deep in the lifestyle of any cowboy. We reinvented it here in this masculine fragrance, highlighted by Virginian Cedar wood and touches of...
Musk Classic Cologne
Timeless. Powdery. Understated. New look, same loved scent. An icon forged from the past. Musk is our classic scent that takes its cues from the freedom and adventure of the backcountry. Invigorating citrus and smooth woody notes are paired with traditional musky accords...
Cowboy Gunslinger Cologne
Earthy. Leather. Tobacco. Forged in the spirit of the west, a raw blend of bergamot, huckleberry & sage evoke the early mornings of the untamed frontier. As the scent weathers, an earthy calm of sun-tanned leather and swirls of wild tobacco...
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