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Barrel-Aged Botanicals

Yellowstone Ride Men's Cologne
Warm. Seductive. Captivating. “Ride for the Brand.” This Rip Wheeler-inspired eau de cologne is ideal for a rough and tough outdoorsman who likes a shot of bourbon before heading home to waiting arms! With notes of raw bergamot, crisp clary sage,...
Leather Small Batch Cologne No. 2
Alluring. Smooth. Masculine. The undisputed champion of our collection, Leather Small Batch is a contemporary cologne expertly crafted with soft, leathery warmth and smooth sexy woods. Inspired by vintage bourbon, the perfumer infused notes of grey suede, shaved white woods,...
Cowboy Cologne
Woody. Spicy. Earthy. Inspired by the authentic American cowboy, our iconic cologne mixes classic outdoor freshness with the rich masculinity of weathered woods and spices. The design takes its cues from the classic whiskey flask, fusing a perfect balance between...
PBR Añejo Cologne
Warm. Bright. Suave. This scent takes its inspiration from the past, blending the aromas of deep golden citrus with the vintage warmth of aged woods. PBR Añejo is designed to be a bold and daring fragrance, perfect for the modern man who...
Yellowstone Ride Reserve Men's Cologne
Rich. Refined. Addictive. Ride Reserve combines vibrant freshness with deep leathery richness, blending smooth woody textures with an addicting smokey vanilla signature. It's a scent that embodies riding for the brand. And as John Dutton says, "you find out real...
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